Who can worthy carry the voice of Toliara I ?

A major political battle is looming in Toliar I. The clash between those close to the current power in Toliara and that of the opposition leaders in Toliara is emerging as
an interesting fight.

On the one hand, the IRMAR list composed of Tinoka Roberto and Maharante Jean Dieu appears to be the favorite. But on the other hand, the list led by Siteny Andrianasoloniaiko
proposed by the Firaisankina platform, is also among the favorite contenders

Common points: they are all children of Toliara I.

They all have the financial means for a campaign show worthy of the name.

But informed citizens are in total embarrassment. Who can save Toliara I.

What type of deputy are waiting for the citizens of Toliara I: a blingbling political leader or someone who can carry his voice to
the national assembly.

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