Mission successfully accomplished for the CEO of SMMC – Niriko TSIRENGE. Through his leadership, the objective was achieved before the fixed deadline. He doesn’t even hide his skills so that the loading of lychees was out of incident – that means zero breakage. “All the work of handling the lychee was done in advance. This is due to the professional skills of SMMC staff, so we thank everyone who made this possible,” explained SMMC General Director – M. Niriko TSIRENGE.

The works and provision of services undertaken by SMMC this year fwas distinguished by the using of new materiel for port handling equipment and digital equipment. I particularly appreciate my technicians who show their skills more efficient and more competitive: You are brighter – confirmed the CEO SMMC company,

Une réflexion sur “Smmc: OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED

  • 8 février 2024 à 20h35

    Najczęstszymi przyczynami niewierności między parami są niewierność i brak zaufania. W czasach bez telefonów komórkowych i Internetu kwestie nieufności i nielojalności były mniejszym problemem niż obecnie.


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