Hard Drug Trafficking: 10 Kg of Skunk – Three Mauritians Arrested

Antananarivo, 2024 , 22th May– The National Gendarmerie, through the ” Brigade de Recherche”, made a major seizure of
10 kg of hard drug, belonging to the large Skunk cannabis family, already processed by traffickers. Four people were arrested
in this case, including three Mauritians and a Malagasy nationality.

According to statements from the gendarmerie, “according to information received, we were able to intercept a person on the way
from Tamatave to Tananarive. We arrested this person and forced him to return to Tamatave. After perquisition process,
we discovered this hard drug. It should be noted that this type of cannabis is not cultivated in Madagascar; it is imported
and is much more powerful compared to other classic drugs.”

The investigation is about to be completed and the alleged traffickers should be brought before the Toamasina public prosecutor’s
office very soon. The gendarmerie is appealing to anyone with information on this matter to come forward and inform the authorities,
stressing that the arrival of this type of hard drug is poison for our young people.

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